Hapan Jedi WIP


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The request for this piece can be found here - http://www.swagonline.net/node/6850

So I took this request as it has been sitting around for awhile and the reference material is drow. I just couldn't say no. :) The request with limited on exact details, so I had a lot of freedom in deciding the make up of the character which I also like.

This first pic is a fluid stance, with our jedi just having pulled her lightsaber. I decided to go with a short sleeve robe with wraps on her forearms cause really, I'm not a fan of long sleeve for fighting. Her tunic has some padding at the front for armor and I decided to go with a fashionable belt since she is suppose to be part Hapan and they are all about style and beauty. The hair is braided in a sort of pig tail fashion which I did on accident and decided to keep it cause I thought it looked good.

Second pic is playing around with colors per the request. I think the skin color might be too dark on the first try and I'm not sure about the blue on green, I may change that to a shade of blue so it doesn't seem to clash as much.

Third pic begins the shading process and a change up of colors. I decided to drop the green as it just clashed to much for me. I went went with a burnt orange color which plays off the copper hair color nicely. I also added the lightsaber glow.

The last pic is the final drawing complete with shading.