Bryen Nargon - Jedi Padawan

Request by LAKilroy;

"Jedi Padawan Bryen Nargon

My image of him is something like Legolas Greenleaf from Lord of the Rings. His hair would be darker, light brown instead of blonde. Long partially pulled back, just to keep the front out of his face the rest still hanging below his shoulders.

He would be holding two lightsabers one violet and one blue. He will be wearing Jedi armor similar to the pic on the Wiki page, but less bulky and with the hood down. The colors of his apparel are: Cloak, Dark Green, Undertunic and Leggings, Brown, Armor, dark grey not quite black."

Blog for this piece HERE.


Thanks man, but I have to be honest - I tried them lit and it just didn't work...
Ah well, another time!


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