Mutated Felucian

Just filling in some of the visual gaps the guys at WOTC left us artists in the Dawn of Defiance Campaign. there is a decription but no picture.

Due to imperial experimentation, the Local Felucians were being transfigured into monstrous brutes.

this would be my "cute and cuddly" version as the description of these guys for something akin to fungal zombies.

Used Photoshop for color... drawn freehand pencil & ink with limited reference.


they are usually monochromatic, but the multi-color design reflects the mutated aspect. also, if you notice he is wearing the skins of other felucians.


Or..on a lighter note.." Hey, My chem-light exploded!"

Really good work. The use of color is great and I love the bladed arm

I have ADOS..Attention Deficit...OOOH Shiny


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