WIP The Last Stand of Numa Rar


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Continuing with the NJO "Last Stands," here my latest. The corridor blast doors are a grab from "Empire Strikes Back," to ensure I keep with a true Star Wars feel. Her outfit is inspired by a Twi'lek from the Opera House.

I'm debating if I want to include Alema's hand outstretched, reaching for her sister....thoughts?




Love her expression, kinda reminds me the beauty and the horrible beast... hehe cool

4.9 stars


OMG - this is so cool!

IMHO I think you should avoid the trap of the 'disembodied hand' reaching in from out of frame. I dunno, I feel that it always leads the viewer's attention out and away from the piece rather than into it.
However, with talent like yours, man, you can do anything!!



Holy cow, it's good to see some more of your stuff! My initial instinct was to say "go for it" on the Alema hand... but Mercy's logic here seems much better than mine. So unless you want to significantly expand the photo... I think she's right.

Great stuff as always!