Subpro SU-96 Predator-Class Attack Boat [fizzyglug] Requested by JediScholar


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Well, this isn't really a WIP post, exactly. More of a breaking up of the finished piece into easily digested parts.

The 3rd Image has the accompanying text, exterior views and deckplans.



It looks like the artwork came out of a page from an official Star Wars tech manual. I love it.


Aside from the length you provided can you give us a rundown on stats for the ship? I'd like to perhaps use one in a Saga campaign if you don't mind. I love the mention of it's use as a platform for Special Forces.


Wow, that is nice, thank you FizzyGlug!

If I could get one last piece of feedback in would be to make the main gun bigger, but if this is the final version, that's just as well.

I'm working on D6 stats for the boat so I'll post a link back here when I have them up somewhere, feel free to convert them to D20 (if you really, really have to :P).

MTFBWY, always.