Nizari (Echani)

New request from Trisskar:

Nizari is a clan of elite assassins (all female) that works for the sith council...or a high price. The members of this clan also go by the name of Nizari. Confusing one would think, but an easy means of avoiding...detection.

This Nizari is an Echani. Her fluid grace, lustful beauty, skill and behaviors tends to attracted a lot of...'interesting' attention, at least...when she wants to be seen. Nizari is also a bit of a sadist.. which just makes it easier for her to work with sith who are well known to enjoy administering pain to there victims...Nizari simply enjoys to receive it. Which tends to be helpful considering the dangers the job of an assassin tends to bring.

Nizari also has ties with Lord Mainyu – Owing him a debt for saving her life from a rather nasty stray dagger during a mission that went astray. (Thanks to a certain rodian that works for the Bladeborn. ;) ) Mainyu is known to take advantage of...all...her skills. Both on the field and in his personal chambers. While Nizari enjoys entertaining this Sith Lord. She finds pestering, and annoying his Apprentice, young Trisskar Vandar to be far more interesting. (she kind of has a crush on the girl >_< )


hehe yea, Nizari can be an interesting character to play at time's. She is a back up character for when I need a means of breaking things up :-p

Thanks again Mercy! I'm glad you enjoyed working on her ^_^


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