Neelix a shard Jedi (Iron Knight) during the Dark Times. Times have changes and long gone has his original Uulshos justice droid body and is now a hodge podge of makeshift parts and looks more like a junk droid than anything else. Which suits him fine with his ability to hide form the empire.

Neelix history in brief. One of the original Shard trained by Aqinos he fought alongside him and Mace Windu during the Arkanian Revolution. Neelix later served during the Clone wars as an advisor droid to some of the younger Jedi during that conflict. He maintained his secrecy as a Shard Jedi throughout the conflict and his true nature only revealed to the few jedi he served with.
Although trained in many of the lightsaber combat styles he rarely ignites his lightsaber and keeps it hidden in a secret compartment. To ignite it would reveal his nature. As a master in Telepathic abilities, he often serves by establishing a link with his Jedi ward and allows them to draw upon his knowledge and use his abilities in combat while Neelix hangs back using Battle meditation and other influencing powers to tip the scales of combat.

As a shard he has mastered the ability to mask his prescence and appears like any other droid in the force, that is until he reveals his true nature.

Many of the Jedi he served with are long gone or missing in the Inquisitoriums search of the Jedi, and has now latched on to a young padawan who is strong in the force. He hopes to guide this young padawan as best as he can in an effort to defeat the Sith. With the padawan he helped run various missions for the Alderaanians prior to the rebellion being formed.


I think this is a WICKED storyline and character, I would have love to meet this gut, he deserves 9.7/10, thats good on my scale


The face and helmet was based off one of the droid avatars on Biowares Old Republic website.
Its been modified in ways in the that on the original it didnt posess the eyes on the 'face' or should I say "eye" since one was lost during the clone wars. Its amazing what you find in a junk pile :)

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