Tusserk's Choice

Another fairly old piece, depicting the beginning of Tusserk's veeery brief dabble with the Dark Side.

A small way into the campaign, the GM put us all into scenarios where we were faced with rather difficult choices; mine basically involved choosing between saving the life of a hundred or so slaves, or saving Trys. I was pretty genuinely torn, and as I was deliberating I ended up whining; "Why can't I just Spiderman it and save them ALL, damn it!?".

GM paused a moment, then grinned at me. "Well, I guess you CAN. If you use the Dark Side."

So I got to save everyone, and for a few sessions Tusserk got to angst over whether or not the ends justified the means.


I like the little crowd in the back. As simply as their done you can still almost see the look of "WTF?" on thier faces.


Wow, talk about a pivotal character defining moment there, and a very dark one at that!

I love how the scene literally looks like Fire and Brimstone came and rained down on the chamber, pillars of fire and cracked ground everywheres. And in the center, Tusserk carrying out a (hopefully only) unconscious Trys.

Well done Tusserk!

Core to the Quad baby!!!

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