Howdy Jawa

This one is a little goofy even for me. The Wookiee force-chucker in our group decided that he should have a pop culture obsession, so we came up with Howdy Jawa.
Howdy Jawa has his face plastered on lunch boxes an T-shirts all over the galaxy. He even has an action figure line, a chain of fast food restaurants, and a Saturday morning cartoon that teaches children the value of sharing, teamwork, and being an active consumer.
Enjoy! We all did.


Aaahaha!! I am totally showing this to our GM. XD And I'm willing to bet 'Howdy Jawa' references are going to start popping up in OUR version of the universe, too!!


LOL! simple but effective.

That just might come in useful, and prove to be more troublesome than a Sandcrawler full of Jawas :D

Core to the Quad baby!!!

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