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Tussy's request HERE caught my eye and, well, after the amusement she's given us all, how could I say no?!

So here are the various members of Tussy's campaign.
Tuss, if I've neglected anyone PLEASE let me know, I'm sure I could fit em in!!

~ Mercy

PS, will get back to the list after this, promise!



OH MERCY!!!! <3 HOW BRILLIANT!!! What a friggin' AWESOME thing to discover while breezing by the computer on my way to scrounging up some lunch...

The ONE character I would dare ask if you'd mind adding would be Omega- to represent our GM! To go along with all the main characters of the five of us who've been with the game beginning to end. If you want to- and only if you want to!!- give the word, and I'll send you the one (hilariously awful) scribble I've got of Omega that gives an idea of his colour scheme.

OH MAAAAN. I can't wait to be able to show this to the squad!! (Provided nobody gets an accidental sneak preview... I know Klopan/Shara lurks around SWAG from time to time... if you see this, pretend you didn't!!)

(I can't get over how gorgeous Cora looks.)


Oh oh! And one teensy nitpick before you get too stuck in (which I just noticed; I keep coming back to look at the sketch again, haha!!)-- which I only point out because Nimeq's player definitely puts the most effort into defining how her characters look-- the two horns you have more centrally on her forehead; could you instead make it a single horn dead-center? She's meant to have five altogether. :D (If you're already at a point where that would be a pain in the butt to change, don't worry about it!)


Wa hahey!! Glad you're so psyched Tuss!
No, haven't started the colouring yet, and can definitely do both the horn transplant and the Omega implant (if you can send me a pic)!

On an all-day Buffy watching binge, just cause I can. Will post again soon!


Have I told you I love you lately? ;)

That little omega symbol on the armour... brilliant touch! I totally wiggled with glee when I spotted it!


Base colours up...

Slightly concerned that Klopan's head looks a bit over-large?


Oh sweeeeeet!

Hah, I guess Klopan's head does look a little bit in comparison to the others, but honestly I don't think I'd have really noticed if you hadn't brought it up! Since it's just headshots I don't think it's too jarring... I leave it to you if you want to bother with the fiddly business of resizing or not. I'm not worried!

And just checking; I know colour shades and tones will change a little as you add more layers, but Nimeq's skin is meant to be orange-- I know the one decent pic I have up of her (that isn't floating around in Broken Image Land currently, heh) doesn't really do her skin tone justice at all-- and orange may well be where you're going with the colour all along! But I thought I'd just make certain. ;)


Hey Tussy!!

I'll have a fiddle with Klopan's head and see what I can do - now I've seen it I can't unsee it!

Nimeq I can totally change to more orange! No probs!

Will post again soon...
~ Mercy


Reduced Klopan's head by a little and altered Nimeq's skin colour - let me know if this looks about right or not k? Totally happy to change it again if need be!


Hee hee! Glad you like - you sure the colour for Nimeq is okay? I worry...

Aaaand... also here's the detailing (shadows & highlights) for Omega. Will make a start on Tusserk next!


I think the colour's great, Mercy! You know she's orange, and I mean, if you started going lighter/brighter with the tone she'd probably start to pop out too much from the rest of the group, right?

Omega looks fantastic!


Lonar detail up...
... and I'm going to be a sad git and go to bed early! Will post again tomorrow!!


Cora's detail up...
(New personal record - 103 layers and I still have 2 chars to go!!)


Klopan detail up...

Now I've just got a few embellishments to do and I think we're done!
Will post big pic soon!


Okay, I think we're done!

Tussy, if there's anything needs changing, adding etc. let me know now! Otherwise, will load this beast to Gallery...


Oh duuuuuuuuuuuuude!!! That is phenomenal!!!! If it's not too late, any chance you could throw in a couple of pinpricks of yellow light for Toaster's 'eyes'? No drama if you've already loaded it though.

Oh that is just so GREAT.


Not at all! Though they seem just a tad skew to me (though I could be looking at it wrong? XD) -- could the light on the right be a smidge higher?


YEAH! Sorry, haha, yeah, they are meant to represent his 'eyes', he'll dim or brighten them, or even (very occasionally) change their colour, to reflect the situation. And that there is bang-on perfect!!! :D


Seriously I can not thank you ENOUGH for this!!!! I love it so much... and have to admit, I couldn't restrain myself and had to show the hubby the full thing, he was totally blown away!! And he's super pleased that a good depiction of Omega actually exists now, hah, I knew he'd be totally tickled by it! But the others will have to wait until our final session... maaaaan I can't believe how close it is now.

I. J. Thompson

Mercy, that is absolutely amazing. I especially like that Zabrak!

This would look so bitchin' printed large, and attached to the outer side of a GM screen...


Hee hee!!! I'm so pleased he likes it Tussy!!
I mean it - I really enjoyed doing this one!

I. J. - glad you like it, man!

I've loaded the picture to Gallery - I've got three waiting to render to the front page now! But it looks real small... thinking it might be worth loading it to DA just to show off the detail a bit more. Maybe AFTER your final session, though?