Trandish Kith: He's a Pilot. He can fly - sort of. [Hisham]

Trandish Kith, a Krish pilot/gunner with less than stellar piloting and gunnery skills.

A quote from something an NPC in one of my Star Wars campaigns sums up this character nicely:

"Not much to say about old Trandish Kith. He was a Jack-of-all-Trades, master of none. Could fly any ship in the galaxy, but not very well. Could shoot any weapon ever made, but rarely hit the broadside of a moisture farmer's hut. Always ended up on the good side of a contract, but never kept his money long. Never touched spice, but he'd lose all his money on Twi'lek dancing girls and swoop racing bets. He never won a single bet, mind you. Some even said he was cursed by the force, because he lost every bet he made. Seriously, not a one.

Most of his friends kept him around more out of pity than actual attachment. Rumor had it that he was a failed swoop racer who had forged all the pilot certifications he had - and he had a lot of 'em - but most discounted these rumors once they met him. He wasn't one for outright lies. Exaggeration, yes. Lies? Never.

In short, Trandish Kith was a likable - if eccentric - rogue. Just... don't tell him you have a ship. Least, not when he's been drinking. He won't leave you alone until he sees it, and once he gets to the crying, well, there's not much you can do but hire him on."

Species: Krish (references below)
Skin: light greenish-brown
Build: Thin.
Hair: Strips of varying colors. He was a little garish in his choice of colors, often choosing a 'rainbow' pattern.
Eyes: Brown
Clothing: Most often a light flight suit (white or orange base color) with a white or green vest over it. He also had in his possession an Imperial flight helmet he'd stolen from a TIE fighter wreck. He was also never without his duffel bag filled with datapads. On those datapads were his myriad of piloting and weapon certifications, and almost always had one in his hands so he could remember the "good ol' days".