How can I stay mad at you!?!?!

Recently had the opportunity to introduce some old friends to the wonderful world of SWRPG, and we ended up with a spaceship crewed by Small Adorable Creatures. Two of them decided to play Chadra Fan sisters - one being the ship's Captain, the other our mechanic.

They really took the idea of the species' greagriousness to heart, and every time they found themselves at odds with one another, their argument would finish with a moment of clinging to each other and wailing about how they could never stay mad at or abandon one another. It was ridiculously cute.


Love it. Big fan of Chadra-Fans. :)
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One of my favorite species too! Who doesn't like super-friendly bat-people? Great work Tuss; I feel like I'm there when I see this piece.


Love it love it love it. Nobody captures the emotions of these creatures the way you do, Tuss.



Aww, that is really cute :)

I'm with Asok, you've really captured the emotions incredibly well in this piece. :)

Core to the Quad baby!!!

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