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While trying to do my own character..again. I was working with him from the Big Picture I had started before. I started modifying him and he turned out almost exactly like I pictured him. So I started to do the same with his apprentice. She also was turning out well. BUT, Being me, I started a series of other pics ( none of which are done). One I started was another Jedi. She, a Falleen, is almost done and looking very nice. So, I took off my apprentice, added the Falleen and am now doing a pic of what I believe my character would do.

In an earlier discussion, we explored were we light or dark siders. I went on about neither, and how I would create an other option for force sensitives and build an Army based on good but without all the Jedi rules. Now, with this in mind. My character did find a Jedi Holocron. Useing the Holocron as a teacher, and building aliances. My character becomes the Green Knight, The Falleen is the Yellow Knight, a Nautolan is the Blue Knight and this Cathar is going to be the Purple Knight.

I was going to wait until I was completely finished to put it up. But I get all excited and crap. So since this guy just got his start...I'll just keep updating him. He is based on my old friend Jeff..also pitured.



Hah! Looking very cool, Casca. Very cool indeed. Impressed with your ability to translate features from the human face to the Cathar.


Heyyy, mind if I drop in with a little tip? :D

I mean, you can completely ignore this if you like, because- well, this is Fictional Outer Space with aliens and you're allowed a lot of liberty with anatomy, especially when you've got as good a hold on realism as you do. XD

Buuuut- being the fan of carnivores and big pointy teeth that I am, I can't help but throw this out there, haha. If you're going for the look of a normal, earth-bound big cat as far as your Cathar's muzzle goes, from the angle you're depicting, it's actually a lot more likely you'd be seeing the LOWER canines when his mouth is open, rather than the upper ones! To get a good view of the upper teeth, the cat would either need its head angled upwards, or have its lips pulled up a lot higher into more of a real 'snarl'. Also (again, talking real earth big cats here!), the upper canines would be a little closer to the centre of the mouth, and set in a little 'deeper'.

Hmmm... this guy seems to be at the same sort of angle you've got!

But yeah, I'm just throwing this out there because I 'see' it so readily, haha, and it's the way I would do it- you could very WELL be going more for the smilodon look, and let's face it, this is a talking space cat-man so at the end of the day you can hardly do it 'wrong'. At any rate I dig this guy and always love your work!


It's not often I feel like I have genuinely useful arty help to give, but when I see an opportunity to give, I give all I've got!

I wish I could 'see' machinery and buildings and equipment the way I 'see' animals and nature... oh wait, what's that? Practice practice practice? Yes, I will take my own advice one of these days.


Tuss, I agree with the whole bottom teeth thing. Started out doing it that way. Gave him a huge under-bite look. Since I am doing a Cathar i wanted a flatter face look, simular to Lion-o or Vincent from Beauty and the Beast tv show. I pulled them around to the sides just for esthetics. I would use the shapes off a Real earth big kitty more for a Togorian. Just have a weird mental image of what I think the difference is in each of the Cat races. I know that I have absolutely no room to argue this point other than a " It gives him character" thing. But to let you know...I did just go move the teeth around a bit. TY


So I sent tuss the PSD to play with. I liked the first layer best. Kinda was diggin' the snarly one but then he wouldn't have fit in so well with the other three I have. Added some extra lip...a place for the tooth..( use to be amazed at my wolf's when I'd lay down with him) and put an arbitrary scent gland...even though I am pretty sure they would have evolved out of that habit. Thanks Tuss for the input and hope it looks a little better.


Need more work one the eye thingy ma jobber, and some hair high lighting, but for the most part along the lines I am going for. Pauldrons will be chrome with purple outlines and brown over-sleeve with purple underneath. Maybe some lighter fur for the lower belly working it's way up and to the center then widening back out under the beard


Scent gland... the idea of Cathar randomly rubbing their faces along table corners and stuff is hopelessly endearing to me, haha!!

But, this guy is totally working for me! I think just having that place for the tooth makes a world of difference with believability... man, your details always blow my mind. The hair is perfect ... (and now I've gone and gotten 'Werewolves of London' stuck in my head...!)