Senator and Gaurd...


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What the heck? I greatly under-estimated the frustration of doing the Senate. Inanimate objects are not forgiving. Working on the Senator now...well not right now, now I am doing this, but what I am drawing now is the senator...but not now.



That looks fantastic. I have complete faith in your abilities on this one, dude.


Lord Crumb

I tend to give great lattitude to the artist. So, go in the direction the Force takes you. Looking good so far.

Kia kaha - stay strong
Aliit ori'shya tal'din - Family is more than bloodline


I have been on the job hunt and down. Kinda got away from about everything. New job upcoming and have some time to knock this out. Back on the case....I am so sorry LC. I really have no excuse.

Lord Crumb

NP Casca1967.  However the art flows.  Sometimes like a narrow and shallow stream that moves swiftly or a wide and deep river that moves slowly.

The oufits look great also.