WIP: Boom Boom Kats! (tramp freighter crew)

Introducing the Boom Boom Kats, an all female tramp freighter crew! Possibly the most hip-hoppin, rip-roarin, illigal load of spicey spacers the galaxy ever seen blazin' across the hyperspace lanes!

Ok, so thats the tagline / theme for this hawt group of ladies. (been listening to some Eurobeat nusic lately). Just posting this for some opinions and feedback:

Sofar I have them as all human for now, though I dunno if I want to convert any of them into a Chiss, Zeltron, Zabrak (sans tatooing) or Twi'lek (Twi'lek being the most work, next to doing a Bothan)... And if I were to, then which of them to become what?

Crew: A Captain/Pilot, Co-pilot, Mechanic... Possibly a faceman/gunslinger, and muscle rounding out the group.

As for names sofar: (in no particular order and may change) Fiora, Mako, Elzi, Teya, Kasha.

Tramp Freighter: Probably more of a medium transport in the size range of a Mobquet Medium Transport. I hadn't named it yet, or come up with a classification / designation for it. It does have a massive cargo hold, probably could hold half of a YT-1300 if you were to cut it up into cube sized chunks. Probably a war-time military logistics (supplies) transport, as it is armed with turrets. Will post a render of it later...

What do you all think sofar?  Ideas? Suggestions?  Comments? Opinions? (Yeah, I still have to pose them and stuff yet. Also still tweaking and defining their individual looks and fetures too...)


Lord Cygnus

These look like they are possible Prototypes / Production Models for Star Wars™: The Old Republic™ Saga. With a bit more polish they could be there. You should be very proud of your work on them, TNJadeonar, very proud indeed.


Thanks!  Its been a while since I made any new characters, and bought some new outfits and have some inspiration.

Yeah I'm just working on fleshing them out a bit more right now... Trying to see if I can make one into a Zabrak (ok, curiousity got the best of me!) . Going to try the horns on either the blond tall one at the back right, or the darker skinned one in the back left. Might try my hand at doing some tribal tatooing, see how it comes out (or not)...

Been thinking of maybe even trying to do up a Cathar for one of them. All human crew is kool, though I'm just experimenting here, and going "what if???" Might try Chiss, Zeltron, and Twi'lek too... That would make for a very interesting humanoid non-human all female crew... :)

Once I finish working on the characters then I'll pose them for the scene for a group shot, and possibly again individually.

Lol, yeah, been also playing Star Wars™: The Old Republic™ also the past few months . Awesome game, quite fun and is giving me a ton of new ideas for characters to try and make. Also just feels great to be imeresed in SW again. Now to just get back into rendering and posting more pics at swag here :)


Hmmmm....   I could do up a version of Captain K'Ehleyr for ya CGI style, seperate from this group... Emphasis on the Swashbuckling :)

Probably could do her up for you in a heartbeat actually. Think I need a bit of a break from working on this group at the moment...  Especially if I wanna do up a Cathar, theres some extra skin sets I'd need to purchase to make it work... And I'm still fiddling with Zabrack horns...