Cantina Wrestling Match

Anarchangel has expressed a desire to see more art of his Annoo-dat, Asha, and gave free reign to put him in any situation or setting. So I had my own bit of fun with it. :D


Nice! I've found doing these kinds of scenes difficult (I did an arm-wrestling scene for a commission once) because of the choices it forces thou tho make. Viewing head-to-head action from the side can be stiff or clunky, even though it maximizes what you see of the characters, but other views wind up positioning one character or the other with their back to the viewer. It's a difficult choice to make, and a difficult scene to make compelling and personal.

And I think you've done that!


I had forgot I even made that request!

It took me a minute to actually realize this was Asha because I was admiring your work on Jak.

Love it all Tusserk. You're too good to me.



Also, am I imagining things or did you include some fellow swaggers in the background? I see Evi, Drig, Asok and is that Mercy?


That's definitely Mercy and Evi...   and more than likely that's Xan and Asok standing in the middle, and more than likely that is Drig.


Ahahaha! Yes! :D

So on the left hand side, that's Lokhin, Mercy, Evi and a very difficult to distinguish Drig. In the middle is Xan, Asok, the vurk from Anarch's game and a mando helmet which in my mind represents Dredwulf buuut I have no idea if he actually has his own character? On the left is a poor attempt at a Judas and Casca's character Johr, then right down by Asha a couple of the bilar again from his game.


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