Mission Fel, Twi'lek Fringer [Asok]

Sold as a teenager to a vile hut in order to pay off her family's debt, only to escape and attempt to find a new life among the fringes of space, Mission Fel is an outgoing and charismatic spacer with a knack for finding adventure, even when she doesn't want to. She is pursued  by bounty hunters, sent after her by the hutt who kept her as a trophy.


She's a green twi'lek girl who looks like she's probably in her late teens.She's skinny, and has violet colored eyes. She dresses in typical star wars smuggler style, tomboyish, with a jacket and fingerless gloves, and has a head wrapping that also goes about halfway down her lekku. Her lekku are also striped vaguely like a tiger. She is often seen grinning, in a more friendly than cocky sort of way.