Spunky Kiffar Jedi Padawan Grease Monkey [Tusserk]

Hey again everyone! I've been given the go-ahead to post a few character requests at once, so I'm going to go ahead and do just that. In keeping with my first request I've included a handy, brief short-description and a longer, wordier description packed with more details. Don't feel the need to hold yourself to the longer description if you don't want to, and honestly if you can't be bothered to read the longer description than don't pressure yourself to!


Lai was ostracized from her parents at a young age and bought by Black Sun pirates to help pay off outstanding debts forced upon her parents, who had left their clan's ancestral homeworld of Kiffu and got stranded on Nar Shaddaa when the credits ran out. She was raised onboard a pirate cruiser called the Angra Mainyu. Nearly as soon as she was able to speak she was put to work aboard the ship with the other slaves who had been tasked with raising her. Doing repair work, loading weapon batteries, moving light cargo, serving out meals to the pirates, and so on. Throughout this pitiful existence she grew quite tough from the poor living conditions, frequent beatings, constant threats of death, and the general air of misery amongst her fellow slaves. Even in the face of such despair, Lai was able to develop a bizarre sense of cheer and even became a favored errand girl of the captain, merciless beatings aside. After many years, the aforementioned captain grew ill and eventually died. His commanding Vigo took control of all of his assets and redistributed them amongst the other officers, selling off the majority of his slaves in the process to put a few extra credits in his own pocket. Among these slaves was Lai. She was scheduled to be sold off on Nar Shaddaa, funnily enough, but was rescued from her captors by an odd Zeltron when she began to demonstrate an exceptional power. It turned out that he was a wandering Jedi and that she just happened to have displayed an exceptional affinity for the Force. She travels with him learning the ways of the Force. She has a personal companion; a small cambot she built by hand from junk parts. She is quite fond of it and it aids her in her technical tasks, as she is quite mechanically gifted-often getting lost in a pet project and forgetting to eat or sleep.

The power she displayed at the time of her rescue is something of importance to our plot. A power that I would describe as a combination of the shatterpoint technique with force scream. Using nothing but the Force and the power of her voice Lai is able to will things into happening. Unfocused this technique is powerful enough to rip a person apart, but when use with finesse and precision it would make the weilder capable of say... disassembling a complex mechanism into its individual pieces with the right whisper.

Lai does have a lightsaber at this point, but it crude and unofficial-and you don't have to draw her with one if you don't want to. It was constructed on the spot in a dangerous situation with her master unconscious and an unknown number of Sith assassins bearing down on them, Lai's innate talent with technology provided her a wealth of materials to build a makeshift lightsaber out of basic components knocked loose when their ship was attacked. The focus crystal and color crystal used in her lightsaber are a few simple shards of glass from a display screen and a flight instrument that were just the right size to fit inside the hilt, together they produce a faintly bluish beam of energy with impressive cohesion for how slapdash the lightsaber's construction is. The case is a repurposed control throttle handle with a squeeze lever for the ignition switch and a length of tattered cloth wrapped around the handle for grip. The emitter assembly is a hologram projection lens with a raised bezel for a guard and the power cell is a small unit extracted from a larger power cluster intended to provide backup power for the ship's navigational computer. She successfully uses this crude lightsaber to fight off their assailants long enough for her master to regain consciousness and intervene. Though he had previously felt she was not yet ready to build her first lightsaber, the impressive job she did with the materials she had available swayed him to allow her to keep it. With some free time to do some adjustments Lai tightened up the fit and finish of all of the parts used, polished up her makeshift crystals, and added a belt clip to facilitate carrying the lightsaber on a day-to-day basis. Later on Lai will be scheduled to get a new lightsaber when she reconnects with her greater family on Kiffu.


The color crystal used in her lightsaber is a shard of a rare blue Heart of Fire gem from Kiffu, gifted to her by the current head of the Reglia Clan by whom she was identified and reunited with. The shattered crystal from which it came is one of the most treasured artifacts in the clan's vaults, and for those Kiffar with the gift of psychometry it could be thought of as a veritable history book on the Reglia clan as far back as their inception. It is so finely cut and tuned that the beautiful indigo colored blade it produces seems to sing more than hum. For a focusing crystal Lai recycled a corusca gemstone from some jewelry, polishing and cutting it herself to an ideal facet. Though essentially cobbled together from junk she has managed to create a lightsaber that-though quite rugged and not at all out of place on a tool belt-has the artistic beauty found in the works of a true craftsman. The case is thin and of medium length with few protruding sears or knobs and the grip is composed of a dozen narrow strips of rubber neatly riveted around the case parallel with the blade, and at the base of the hilt there is a thick decorative ring of bronzium matching the wide bronzium band just beneath the sweep angled emitter guard. There is a short, tattered, magenta ribbon tied through the bronzium ring.


I hope you will consider drawing Lai! She's quite precious to us!



Name: Lai'thyie "Lai" Fel'day Leishelier Rosolai (Lai'thyie Fel'day Reglia)
Age: 16
Gender: Female
Height: 5' 2"
Weight: ~106 lbs
Species: Kiffar
Home Planet: Kiffu
Alignment: Neutral Good

Short Description:

  • Short
  • Skinny
  • Bronzed Skin
  • Horizontal Scar across the bridge of the nose, underneath eyes
  • Curved Magenta cheek tattoos
  • Has a brand on her right shoulder of the Black Sun Emblem, normally covered with a magenta bandana
  • Light Brown Eyes
  • Long Dark Brown Hair tied into a thigh-length ponytail in the back with a bronze ring, and narrows braid on either side of her face with small beads.
  • Brown jumpsuit over a sleeveless magenta leotard
  • Fur-lined leather bomber jacket with a patch of the Max Rebo Band on the back
  • Bubbly, cheerful, and curious, though quite blunt
  • Has a rebellious streak and tends to come off as rude
  • Has a deep love of technology
  • Has a curiosity in common with her master, but it quite wary of strangers
  • Looks up to strong independent women as role models, often regardless of moral content
  • Former slave of the Black Sun pirates
  • Rescued and apprenticed to Mars Reising





Gratuitous Lengthy Description:
She may be a little short of stature and definitely on the wiry side from a childhood of poverty, hard labor, and life aboard a cramped starship-but because of it all she has become tough as nails. Lai's face is vaguely heart shaped, with a round chin, a soft and upturned little nose, and curvy little lips. Her youthful, naturally bronze skin is pocked by a number of scars-some old and some not so much-the most prominent of which are a wide horizontal scar which runs across the bridge of her nose and underneath her eyes and a large brand mark of the Black Sun emblem on her right shoulder. She keeps the brand covered with a silk magenta bandana tied around her arm. Additionally Lai has a set of tattoos which she has borne on her face since birth consisting of a pair of magenta streaks running up her cheeks from her jaw line and curving away from her nose to a fine point about an inch below her eyes, which are a brilliant light brown. Lai wears her dark hair relatively long, falling midway down her thighs in the back and down to her shoulders in the front. She keeps the back tied in a tight braid with a weighty ring of electrum tied in at the end, and in the front she wears a pair of smaller braids framing her face, which are decorated with small beads. Her bangs are cut straight across, just above her eyebrows. Lai favors a closely fitting brown flight suit, typically worn unzipped so that the upper half hangs around her waist. It is loaded with pockets and features built-in protective pads for the knees and elbows. Underneath she also wears a thick, snug, bright red, sleeveless leotard, with a hefty zipper down the front.  Almost everywhere she goes she wears her prized Bantha hide bomber jacket-the first article of clothing she laid eyes on as Mars' apprentice, and the first thing he had ever bought her. It falls to about the bottom of her ribcage, with a magenta inner lining and a cream colored trim of fleece on the collar and cuffs. The jacket has become relatively worn over the years and has even been adorned with a large Max Rebo Band patch on the back. She wears it with the sleeves rolled up to her elbows and the collar popped. Additionally Lai wears a pair of laced, calf-high, leather boots, a weighty tool belt, and a pair of fingerless swoop gloves.


*Head Explodes*

Let me start by saying that in the long time I've been a stalker here I've adored all of the amazing, talented artists I've seen about. But I never actually expected to see one of my own characters brought to life by one of them! Waugh!

It's amazing Tuss'! Thanks you so much!