High Noon

In the remote gambling town of Whiskey Sabacc, Tusk gets involved in a quickdraw competition in order to win a compression coil for the Bicentenial Emu.


It was this or "For a Poo-Ton of Credits".


Love the western feel of it. Soon as I saw it music from the clint eastwood movies came to mind :P . Great job!

Hablyonus Pense

Now THIS is Tshirt worthy... I swear, If I have to organize the spreadshirt application myself and pay the deposit with my college savings bonds, this is going on a t shirt. And a hoodie. And a totebag. And a coffee mug...


Thanks, guys.  It's always nice, those rare times when a pic turns out almost exactly the way you planned.


I love this so much!! I've nursed the idea of setting up this pose with some of our home game characters since I first watched The Good, the Bad and the Ugly.... don't mind at all that you beat me to it, it's perfect! :D


Thanks, Tuss.  I actually toyed with the idea of asking you to color this one for me.  I thought your coloring technique would be perfect.  Obviously, I just gave in and did it myself.  I needed the practice.


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