Species Request [Casca1967]

Hi, I'm currently gamemastering a SWD6 RPG (podcasting it as well!) but sadly I'm not an artist and while i'm semi-decent at verbal descriptions, I'm poor at putting my visions to paper.

In a few weeks my campaign will be visiting the Silactria IV, home of the native Igatic. I'm wondering if anyone would be willing to take on designing this species beyond what I've got already.


The Igatic are physically large; nearly 2 meters at the 'shoulder' and 2-3 meters in length when full grown. If I were to describe them I'd say the front half of a toad with the tail of a T-Rex (so semi-bipedal, they sort of drag/slither. At the 'shoulders' they have a sheaf of tentacles that extend out on each side that allows them to manipulate things finely.


Here's a couple early attempt to illustrate them, but the fact is I'm not an artist.

Click Here

Click Here

The legs really probably need to be more froglike, and maybe the tail a bit more like the first picture than the 2nd. Neither of the faces that I drew were particularly frog-like, and I think in retrospect I like them froggier.

and the Igatic homeworld: Click Here


Some social description of the Igatic. They sociologically diverse, and technologically advanced. They do have a unified planetary govornment. and their social structure seems primarily occupation based with ranks transitioning from Novice->Apprentice->Journeyman->Adept->xxx->Senior->Master->High Master. (so a Pilot might be Adept Pilot or a Master Pilot, or just Pilot, or a healer might be Adept Healer or Novice Healer.) They posess all technology seen in the Empire except hyperdrives, but do have a system patrol navy.

The Igatic love music, its deeply rooted in their culture. Finally the Igatic have a strange philosphy about keeping things confined to one domain. Starships are 'of the void' and thus are not allowed (by taboo) to land on planet.Natural places are kept natural, but cities are kept urban. You wouldn't, for example, find a tree in an Igatic city. Only a few things are allowed to be transitional (a space elevator or skyhook might be "of the bridge between void and substance" but most things are single purpose.


Any thoughts would be welcome!


On it....be back in a minute...like a wife getting ready minute....Traditional joke style implied.


Done. It's black and white. I hope that you don't mind. I do have it save so can color. Got Manwhich on my keyboard while doing this. Going to unplug and get it cleaned up.

Jesse the Gamemaster

Wow... speechless. Awesome. Thank you ever so much. You'll of course be credited in show notes and on-air.