Orangutan (PotA) Jedi Master and Minbari (B5) Padawan [Asok]

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Jedi Master Zadis, a Orangutan humanoid (Planet of the Apes), is a stern teacher, think of the martial arts master from Kill Bill, and is very tough on all the padawans his has taught over the many years.  Padawan Karaza, a Minbari, is an eager to learn at his master's feet but thinks that Zadis is overly harsh and never complements him when he successfully completes a task.

Jedi Master Zadis

Species: Humanoid Orangutan (Original Planet of the Apes)

Age: 70's

Hair: White with beard  Eyes: Brown

Height: 1.82m  Weight: 100kg

Fur: Light Brown

Walking Stick

Jedi Robes (in the color and style of the Planet of the Apes)


Padawan Karaza

Species: Minbari (Babylon 5)

Age: 15

Hair: None       Eyes: Blue

Height: 1.78m  Weight: 70kg

Skin: Olive

Lightsaber color: Blue

Padawan dress with no robe.



Jedi Master Zadis, a unimpressed look on his face as he strokes his beard, has his Padawan, Karaza, doing a hand stand, like Luke from SW: ESB, but he is deflecting laser bolts from remotes floating around him with his lightsaber in the free hand.  The artist is free to come up with a scene also.


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Whoa! This is right up my various alleys! Are you thinking 1968 Dr. Zaius, or a more realistic orangutan, like the new movies?


EDIT: I reread your post, and I'm getting a serious Dr. Zaius vibe, which is AWESOME. Second question though, does the padawan have the Minbari headgear?

Lord Crumb

Yes, A Dr. Zaius type character from the first Planet of the Apes and the padawan does have the bone crest on the back of the head.  :D

Do feel free to do your own thing if you want to.  The training exercise and be anything.


I was thinking of Star Wars-ifying the crest thing into more of a Lobot-style cyborg implant. But I didn't realize the crest thing was part of their body - I thought it was head wear...