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I'd like to pitch a request for a character portrait in the form of my Edge character. He is a Corellian Human Smuggler around 24. Unlike most Corellian's he is nieve and shy yet still highly talented in his piloting abilities. He has light skin which goes with his auburn (almost red) hair that he keeps at shoulder length, he has the telltale sign of a scar goes over his right eyebrow, but does not intersect the eye. He is moderately good looking, no prince charming but maybe a prince of thieves, lean but not muscular or stocky. More of a thinker than a doer he breaks the mould of what a typical Corellian is, prefering to ponder potential coruses of action rather then blunder ahead on one course.

He wears knee high boots with pants and a standard belt. A sleeveless top plays host to a shoulder harness where he keeps his holdout blaster. Usually this is concealed by a wrap that he keeps around his upper torso and also uses as a hood for when he wishes to conceal his face from those around him. He wraps his forearms arms in white bandage bindings to protect from the elements. He is not wealthy by far and dresses modestly, not aiming to impress. He wishs to blend into the background, just another face in the crowd.

This is my first time posting on SWAG so I am unsure if this is enough for anyone and if they wish to take on the task I look forward to seeing what they produce.

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Hey, welcome to our little corner of the galaxy! This here seems like good practice for me and a free welcoming gift for you! Think I'll take it!