Bave Radine

Bave Radine is a very traditional Mandalorian warrior. To assemble his set of armor he has employed the Mando ritual of wearing pieces of armor from fallen loved ones.


Wow!  Thanks for the 'feature' again.

I evolved in technique with this one.  I've always been pleased with my results with colored pencils, but it takes me longer than I'd like to get to a point I'm happy with.  I really like the vibrancy of colors, and the blending results I've gotten with art markers, but I felt I wasn't getting the fine detail I was trying to capture.

With this piece, I laid down base layers and major shading with the markers, and then went over almost all of it with some elements of pencils. To me, it felt like the colors pop, and the pencils helped bring back some grit, highlights and fine detail.  Best of all, with that combination, I bet I didn't have three hours of coloring work into this one.


By the way, I have two more in the Mando series that are nearing completion.  I've really departed from the traditional Fett armor on those two, and am really happy wiht how they each turned out.  Looking forward to getting them finished and posted.