Lilliandra Adian (Arkarian Offshoot) [Aenid]

Lilliandra (Lilly) Adian
26 Standard years
Arkarian Offshoot female
5’6 athletic build
White long hair
Blue eyes
"Lilliandra Adian had an interesting life so far. Generally people wouldn't just look at her once, sometimes three or four looks would have to do. Her white skin and hair clashed with the dusty plains on the outskirts of Sobrik. To call her an Arkanian was not fully correct. Her base DNA was Arkanian but as most of her species had done, she had been altered while in the womb. The Arkanian race was all about being the best that could be produced whether through genetic manipulation or superior intellect. When it came to the scientific exploration, the geneticists of Arkania began to experiment on their own species, mixing the blood of other races with their own to create offshoots of the Arkanian species. These offshoots were first bred to excel at specific industrial tasks such as mechanical or technical work in order to relieve pure-blooded Arkanians of physical labor. This was Lilliandra to a tee, an offshoot. Normal Arkanians had white eyes and more human like skin tones but when she had the extra genetics brought into the womb, her skin and hair became a stark white while her eyes became pointed at the top. Through all this, her eyes were blue and she had five fingers on each hand instead of the classic Arkanian four. She found out at a young age that she was cross bred with human genetics in order to breed into her line a more physical presence.
However, her mother had made some changes to the DNA that she had been exposed to. She had gone to best and brightest of the DNA provided. She had wanted to make sure that her child was going to have the best chance to challenge the "pure-blooded" in terms of intellect and he had succeeded. Lilliandra had been tested when she was young and her scores were off the charts. She was ushered into the highest levels of classes that her people could give her. She was invited to every major party and event for the upper class of her people. She excelled at everything she put her hand at until at her twenty fifth birthday when she walked away from it all.
As much as she excelled at the mental side of things, she found it boring and mundane. She longed for life outside of the ivory tower that was the upper echelon of her people's academics. She wanted to explore the the universe and to live a life that she wanted to live. She found that on Ord Mantrell. She would sit down and begin to start working on things with her hands. It was one thing to see how a repulsar engine would work in a simulation but to to build it yourself, to feel it as it came to life was a night and day difference. There was a thrill when something you built with your own hands come to life and that was an experience that she would never trade.
She had saved up some credits and purchased this small part shop near Sobrik in order fer her to just live her dream. She would be completely happy if she never wore a formal dress again. She was very comfortable in here work pants and just a plain white shirt."
She is of the same offshoot race as [url=] Jarael [/url]
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