Personal Avatar Request: Arkanian Offshoot [Drig]


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So this is the first time on here. I actually just found this site because a member of my Edge of the Empire group posted that she just got an avatar done and it was pretty impressive! So, I am new to requesting photos so I figured I would brake it down to sections.

Background on my Character:
     This is a portrait of my character I am playing in Edge of the Empire. He is an Arkanian Offshoot ( Born into slavery under an Arkanian master he staged an escape with the other slaves after becoming proficient at tinkering with older tech and building things out of nothing. After setting off he grabbed a job on a ship and bounced around till he started taking small bounty jobs that grew over time. As you can see he has a huge fondness for tech, drones, ships ect ect.


Name: Derfel
Species: Arkanian Offshoot
Occupation: Bounty Hunter Gadgeteer
Height: 1.83m
Weight: 91kg
Hair: White
Eyes: White
Clothing: Clothing is utilitarian and layered. While Derfel packs gear he is not showy about it.
Gear: I am hesitant to add any gear because I am sure it will always be changing. One thing I always expect him to wear is a utility belt.
Notable features: Derfel has several scars all over his body from slavery, but I am not sure if these would show in the portrait. That being said, one thing I do want in his portrait is a remote floating over his shoulder. There is a photo of one in the new Dangerous Covenant but here is a good looking one too (

So, example of the style I am looking for is below. These are all really good drawing and its not that I am demanding someone of that quality, but something like that:

So thanks again for all the help!