Male Red Nitko Hired Gun Heavy [Braltika]

Male Red Nikto Hired Gun Heavy

Hi SWAG!  I'm new here.  You guys are the best on the net.

I'm a GM for Edge of the Empire and I could use a picture.  Nothing crazy.  Just a male, Red Nikto mercenary commander, he'll be a major character in our fringer game.

If there's a search feature and I'm not seeing it I do apologize.

I don't care about pose or anything, but he's buff and should be in heavy armor.  I picture that in my head as some beaten up, re-painted stormtrooper armor, but heavier is better so long as it still looks Star Wars.  He doesn't need a helmet, but a yellow targeting visor (the kind on an arm that drops down over one eye) would be awesome. 

He should be holding a repeater blaster (the VX "Sidewinder", with rotating barrels, if you're wanting to get that detailed).

I like the colors blue, metal gray, and highlights in neon green for armor myself, but I'll leave that up to you.

Bonus points if you create the image with him smirking and shooting "at the camera"!  (speaking in perspective, that would work best from the torso-up).

Thanks so much in advance to anyone's who's interested!


Thank you!  I've been away!  SWAG was kinda quiet.  My game group disbanded for a minute.  I'd forgotten about this!