Another monster [Casca]

I find myself in need of a visual representation of a baddie that would add a significant amount of immersion to the game I'm running.

Vachat One of Many is an ancient Sith Lord from a bipedal armadilloid species, and carries (or drags, a la Pyramid Head) a massive alchemically altered bone daiklave that is said to be able to completely extinguish the life energy of those it fells.

I can't go into too much detail on the forums, given that my players browse SWAG, but i'll describe what i can.

Vachat One of Many towers over most other sapients at 2.5 meters when standing at full height, high-average for the species, although individuals tend to slouch on account of their rounded dermal shell. The species can walk on all fours, in which case they closely resemble armadillos, with a segmented hide shell that protects all but their furred underbelly, although walking on two legs is the norm. The head of the species, however, is more akin to a black rhinoceros, with angular, aggressive lines, a beak-like mouth, and two horns on the nose. The hands and feet of the species bear long claws like those of the pangolin. Despite this, their manual dexterity is consummate with other bipedal species. The species is not considered lithe; adults weighing less than 130kg are rare. Like other creatures bearing conveniently placed fur, clothing is optional and generally eschewed.

Vachat One of Many is virtually indistinguishable from other members of his species physically, and in fact historical accounts of his appearance vary widely. His weapon could most accurately be described as a sword, although it is designed as much for crushing as slicing, and is anything but aesthetically pleasant. Made from what could have been a leg bone of some long-extinct megafauna, from pommel to tip it measures just under 2 meters, and curves slightly inwards along the cuttting edge. Although its alchemical alteration leaves it with a glassy sheen, and various gemstones and runes adorn its length, its appearance betrays its organic origins. A jagged mound runs along the length of the weapon to serve as a blunt blade, and knobby sidelong protrusions tip the balance toward the business end, facilitating crushing hammer-like blows. I imagine its silhouette bearing a passing reseblance to an old phone receiver, although I don't know if that translates well to anyone else's imagination. He is never without a retinue of his guards/acolytes, most of whom wear tattered ribbons of clothing for reasons I can't go into.

At any rate, he's up to no good (again) and our intrepid heroes will have to face him.

If anyone can take a crack at this, I'd really appreciate it.  I'm no good with animals or I'd doodle something myself.

Thanks for reading!


Oh daaaaaaamn way to catch my interest there....! No official claim here just yet 'cause I am so tired and disappointingly slow at life at the moment, but my gosh this has my attention!!


I forgot to mention two details that seemed intuitive to me at the time, but upon re-reading my post, may not have come through clearly.  

His acolytes are all of his species, and their skin is an earthy grey color, as befits a rhino/armadillo hybrid.


Got to know. Still Need? And with runes and jewels on the club...sword....clord swub thingy. Bone cleaver. Is he tribal? Paintings, An ornation at all? Any modern like tech? Scars, boo boos or other birthmarks. Does he have a lisp?


I don't know how I didn't see that someone had commented on my request; I look for the little star icons regularly. I was pleasantly surprised to see your WIP thumbnail on the front page and went, "Wait a minute... Is that...?". I clicked on it and proceeded to squeal... Albeit in the most masculine way possible... I work in concrete and am very manly... The manliest, even... Also I drink whiskey and smoke.


At any rate, I'm similarly glad you decided to take the request while I bumbled around silently like an idiot.

I am excited and have sent a message regarding the WIP blog.


Calling it complete. though there is always more....or changes. Got the head smaller and the claws closer... and the snow. Winter is coming....and it is not alone.