Dariv "Rat" Balt - Street Kid

This is a request from Ankhanu a Street Kid character.

Photoshop CS & Wacom Intuos 2
Raw Textures from CGTextures.com

Ryavar Darek

Looks simply fabulous.
Ankhanu is a lucky one to have such a great picture of his character.


Stu, that is impossibly awesome. The color combo is great. The wall texture is great. Rat has a great understated anime look to him.


Thanks Everyone! I really enjoyed working on this and it was nice to be designing a human character for a change. :D

Hish, The anime look was perhaps inevitable, I was recently lucky enough to visit Japan a few weeks ago. All the trendy kids in Tokyo has hair like this! :)


Hot damn!
That looks incredible, Stu! I just found the email notifications sitting in my spam box and popped over. You did some fantastic work there. Thanks a billion :)


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