First Date

A scene from my group's campaign:

This was Lyder and Narruna's first date. It was a lovely evening brought to a crashing halt by Sei, who called a ship meeting to confess that she was not a lesbian and, in fact, had fallen in love with Lyder.


I remember those days...

Look at the hope in Narruna's eyes...look how not-dark-side-corrupted Lyder used to be...who would have thought things would end so badly...


I love the look on the waiter's face.

"Oh, geez... here we go again. Horny human spacer falls for scantily-clad Twi'lek, so he takes to the fanciest restaurant on the planet, which just happens to be the one where I work, orders the most expensive wine on the menu, which just happens to be the one I'm STILL holding up on a platter, all so he can take her back to his ship and jump to hyperspace. Can I get you anything else, gentles? Another cliche, perhaps? I hate my job."


Yes, jump to hyperspace, in the great KotOR tradition of innuendoes like "hook up a power coupling" and "charge up an entry ramp."


I knew I was missing something by having not played those yet... I really need to go just purchase them. Probably cheap these days.