Samuac Scout (Male)

The Male from the same request by Jace.Tekkik; blog HERE


Cool. Doesn't he ever accidentally hurt himself on those things? Oh well, evolution moves in mysterious ways I suppose :P

Background looks great.


Well, this was my first request and I'm really grateful for Mercy's hard work and patience, what with all my constant "suggestions".

Mercy, your artwork is awesome and I pretty much summed up the artistic merits of these particular pieces of artwork in the blog (, so I won't cheapen them by trying to grade or measure the technical aspects of these images.

So, to summarize: thank you for taking my very first request and completing it with such a skillful and professional manner.

"Cut to the cheese already!"


You are most welcome, Jace. This was fun, and I'm real pleased with the end result. Cheers, man!


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