Red-cloaked Sith

New Style mark 3. I like parts of it.
I'm feeling a bummer on this one, actually. I'll come back to it later with fresh eyes and maybe I'll like it more...


I really like her eyes... and her expression.. very nice Mercy... and you are your own worse critic :)


Thanks guys, that's good to hear. Actually, coming back to it I don't mind it so much. I just thought her face looked a bit flat or something. Still, it's something to work on in the future. Cheers!

Lord Crumb

Her face isn't to flat. The Dark Side of the Force tends to warp the bodies of those who use its power. The eyes are definitely a hit. The shading, shadows, and the folds of the material are neat.

-LC :-)


I am glad you all like it so much. I'll keep working on the style and posting when I've anything interesting for you all. Thanks for all the support, guys - I really mean it!


Hey, we all gotta support each other. It's a nasty, big Internet-world out there. Oh, well, not really.

Oh, and I like the artwork. Very moody. I like the fact that she is depicted without a lightsaber. The Dark Side is power enough for a true Force-wielder. Besides, lightsabers are quickly becoming such a cliché; everyone and his uncle's dog seem to have one. :P


Heh, I concur, Jace! A lightsaber is just not as unusual any more. Which kinda sucks, cause I reckon most of us here would love to be Jedi!
I know I would...
Vroom, vroom...


Mwa ha ha! I've been WAITING for this! Ah! - Oh, wait...
No - Damn...
Well it was fun while it lasted!


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