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A request from Evangelion;

"... She has adopted a more modern look for herself (doesn't tend to wear robes but something more functional like a jumpsuit or just casual wear that makes it easier for her to blend in) and carries twin sabers that interlock to create a staff when desired. Her sabers carry a look that blends Naboo and Alderaan heritage (I sort of equate it to something that may be rather Roman/Greek or even Elvish in design - an elegant weapon)."

The character is meant to be based on Kate Beckinsale, but I don't really do characatures that well so I don't know how much of a likeness this has turned out to be.
Also, I've gone for a theme of wings here as I'm guessing that she'll be moving towards an 'Evangelion' sort of character. So a touch of the angelic to hint at her future self might not go amiss.

I've emailed the requester so hopefully she'll get back to me on this one!
~ Mercy



Ah ... yeah. I realised that too only after I'd finished! Can I get away with saying it's in a holder? Might have to update this one...

Cheers, man!
~ Mercy

Evan Black

I say you should be able to get away with just showing one hilt. After all, I can only see one of her eyes, but I'm fairly confident that the other is present as well.

But it's all up to the requester, of course...


Heh! I like the way you think!
I've altered it so that the second hilt is showing at the opposite hip. I'm still working on the colour but I'll load up what I've got so far, if anyone's interested...


Very nice coloring Mercy... I think they'll be really happy with it, if they remember to check back :)


Yeah, that happens to me a lot...

Ah well, it's a request filled that isn't waiting on the boards any more. That's good enough for me!

Lord Crumb

I like this one a lot. Is that feathers on her upper arms or a type of armor. It looks cool whatever it is and a great design.

-LC :-)


I thought maybe armor in the shape of feathers.

Thanks man, glad you like it - I hope the requester likes it as much!


Well, the requester hasn't shown up, so I guess I'll just post it to Gallery.
Thanks for all the feedback guys!
~ Mercy