Alema'Ona in casino

A request from Derf;

"Here scene 1:
Alema'Ona settles with a table of Sabacc while the other characters carry out a survey in the casino. To pass unperceived in this medium, she got dressed with a blouse. Seductresses, she decorated herself of some rings gilded on the lekkus, of a crystal turquoises collar. Blessed of a chance of beginner, she raid settings of her adversaries during several parts. I would like to see her represented sat at table with a large pile of credits in front of her and the great smile of one gaining. She tightens the fist (or the fists) as a sign of victory.

The scene 2 :
Represents heroin at the same place one moment later. She does not smile any more and three blasters are pointed on her. Crazy!

The description of Alema'Ona: She's a blue twi' lek female, a stupid beauty scoundrel. This Young twi' lek (about 20 years old) is very tempting and is always equipped with very light, coloured and expensive clothes. She is sometimes dressed like Lara Croft. She has a dagger in a hiding place in her belt or in her boot. She is athletic. She has deep blue eyes, lekkus with dark stripes near to their tips. She is busty and has a real cute face. Very naive, she compensates for her lack off culture and good direction by her charm and her dexterity..."

I am trying to get this scene into the one picture here, rather than try and get two out. So here is Alema winning at Sabacc about to be jumped by the guys pulling guns behind her...


I. J. Thompson

Great picture! I love the depth and levels, and it makes me want to know what happens next!


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