A personal request from Xanamiar to go with the previous Alexis and Crystal requests.

Here's the description;
"Arralynn, Crystals sister. Blonde hair, blue eyes, as flirty as they get, and doesn't believe in the force, despite her unintentional use of it by effecting minds of others. She chalks it up for just being flirtacious get's guy's to do as she wishes. She used to be an imperial, but broke out of that, and is now working for Talia on Crystal Shard Point. Arralynn is your typical man teaser, who has no intention of actually going far with any of them."

Since this didn't have any weapons specifics I gave her the standard blaster. 'Cause flirty only gets you so far...
~ Mercy

Lord Crumb

I seconded Xan's remark. She looks awesome. What she can't get by charm (the Force and natural) the blaster comes into play.

-LC :-)


Hey Xan, the page looks good, but you mention Talia in the last sentence, did you mean Crystal, or were you meaning to introduce the character? Sorry to play editor, just thought I'd mention it...


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