Attack Patrol Special Warfare Skiff

Based on the ideas of CRMcNeil over on the


SpecForce Combat Skiff 
Stats by CRMcNeil
 for WEG Star Wars D6

The Combat Skiff is the unofficial name for the Alliance SpecForce's Special Warfare Support Skiff. Based on a common model of Cargo Skiff, the Combat Skiff is upgraded for better speed and performance, and is equipped with an array of heavy support weapons, as well as comm-scan and stealth equipment used to augment and assist deployed SpecForce teams. 

Small enough to be easily deployed in a variety of common freighter types (so long as their cargo bay doors are large enough to fit it), the Combat Skiff is a popular transport for Infiltrator and Pathfinder teams, delivering them close to their intended target, providing sensor and communications support during the mission, and extracting them afterwards. The Combat Skiff is crewed by SpecForce personnel, with a driver and technician making up the crew and four gunners from Heavy Weapons operating the weapon systems (the Technician handles the comm-scan system, as well as manning whichever weapon isn't on the engaged side if in combat). 

Craft: Ubrikkian's Bantha II-Class (Modified) 
Type: Combat Skiff 
Scale: Speeder (+4D) 
Length: 9 meters 
Skill: Airspeeder Operation: Air Skiff 
Crew: 2 (1 @ +5) & 4 Gunners 
Crew Skill: Varies Dramatically 
Passengers: 8 
Cargo Capacity: 1 metric ton per passenger 
Cover: 1/2 
Maneuverability: 1D+2 
Move: 105; 300kph 
Altitude Range: Ground Level to 4 kilometers 
Body: 2D 
Passive 2km/1D 
Scan 4km/2D 
Search 6km/3D 
Focus 300m/4D 
Stealth +1D 
Communications +1D 
Navigation +1D 

1 Dual Heavy Repeating Blaster 
Fire Arc: Front/Left/Right 
Crew: 1 
Fire Control: 2D 
Range: 3-75/200/500 
Rate of Fire: 3D Auto-Fire** 
Damage: 4D 

1 Heavy Repeating Blaster 
Fire Arc: Rear/Left/Right 
Crew: 1 
Fire Control: 2D 
Range: 3-75/200/500 
Rate of Fire: 3D Auto-Fire** 
Damage: 3D 

2x Rotary Blaster Cannon 
Fire Arc: 1 Front/Left/Rear, 1 Front/Right/Rear (+5 Difficulty to shots in Front and Rear Arcs) 
Scale: Character (+0D) 
Crew: 1 
Range: 3-50/150/400 
Rate of Fire: 4D Auto-Fire** 
Damage: 6D 

1 Auto-Grenade Launcher 
Fire Arc: Turret (+5 Difficulty to Rear Arc) 
Scale: Swoop (+2D) 
Crew: 1 
Fire Control: 1D 
Range: 10-150/400/1km. 
Rate of Fire: 2D Auto-Fire** 
Damage: 5D 
Blast Radius: -1 Miss = -1D Damage (1 meter)


Great concept!  Can you describe what we're seeng with the astromech head mounted on the canopy?  Is it functional?


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