Vargas; Sith Apprentice

Vargas is the near-human apprentice of Chandra the 'Sith Girl'

They are also lovers. Vargas is ambitious and depraved, and Chandra lustful and decadent. It makes for a pretty naughty relationship.


Beautiful. Pardon me if this sounds ackward, but I love the way you did his stubble. It looks very realistic.


Thanks. It was harder than I thought. Normally one can go with the 'shadow' effect for stubble, but it doesn't work nearly as well up close. I had to resort to many, many mouse clicks while layering up the home made stubble pattern in increasing levels of opacity.


I love it...the style, and mood. The attitude...the grace..the darker beauty. I love it...especially the shirt...great detail.

-Without Darkness, Light cannot exist-


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