Daemon Ra'

A favored Character of mine. ;)
Sold as a slave to the Hutts when he was 4, escaped at the age of 9, ran with smugglers and swoop gangs for the next 10.

Daemon Ra'
Race: Male, Arkanian offshoot.
Homeworld: Ryloth.
Appearance: Pale skin, white hair worn long, mustache and goatee, amber eyes.
Height: 1.736 meters. Weight: 70.31 kilograms.
Trade/Occupation: Swoop Racer/Smuggler
Clothing & Equipment most commonly worn or carried:
Bantha Leather long coat w/ some body armor across shoulders and upper back. Bantha Leather pants and knee high combat boots. SoroSuub Model Kylan-3 Heavy Blaster Pistol. Rodian Repulsor Throwing-Razor. Vibroblade.
Cocky, Arrogant, Cautious.
Good hearted, bit of a loner.
Loves swoops and swoop racing, freedom, women and living life on the edge.
Hate, slavers, the Empire, most Hutts, and anyone taking advantage of someone weaker.
Vehicle: Flare-S swoop.
Traits of note:
Gifted pilot.


Love the mustache/goatee !

Really cool character concept and design. Excellent work overall :)

Core to the Quad baby!!!

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