Even Odds

A request from Jedi Wampa: The 'Even Odds', a 'heavily modified' YT-1300 (aren't they all? ;) - mounts 4 dual-cannons above and below the forward superstructure, lacks main sensor dish, and sports a Lambda-class shuttle cockpit on the left side of the ship... LEFT I tell ya!

Jedi Wampa also said that this vessel is painted black. Unfortunately, the way it's depicted makes that detail a bit impossible. Black ship against black space... tactically wise... artistically futile. All you'd see is the engine glow and a few highlights.

*NOTE* This is a revised version of the pic originally posted. I have added a starfield as per Isaac James' terrific tutorial (with a few *special* modifications of my own ;)

Medium: Ink, Markers, Colored Pencil, Photoshop