Kowakian monkey-lizard

One of the 'species of the month'! Of course I had to do a Kowakian.

Not just because they're little crittery monkey-lizard things, not just because their origin is with a crazy little muppet in a ridiculously successful film franchise... but because their whole concept as a species fascinates me. These guys fill such an interesting niche, the way they're treated both 'in universe' and out. They can talk and think; they're clearly sapient (ie fully self aware and able to make value judgements - which is what most Sci-fi sources mean when they use the word 'sentient'), and yet they're generally put in the same basket as animals, and treated like pets. 

Apparently their 'sentience' (ugh ugh ugh you have no idea how angry I get every time I see this word in Wookieepedia!!) is 'debated' amongst in-universe scientists, which I find incredibly silly given the fact that we're given constant clear evidence of the species behaving as intelligent, individual beings, but also incredibly fascinating... for the exact same reason. They don't have a civilisation or culture to speak of, but I'd love to know whether they give themselves names or if that only happens when they're encountered by other sapient species. The fact that they also come in so many colours now, courtesy of the Clone Wars cartoons, just raises a whole new set of questions- most specifically, were 'pretty' Kowakians purpose-bred, artificially selected for by more intelligent species?

I could go on, haha, but I won't.

I tried to make this little dude look a bit 'nicer' than the typical typecast 'cruel and mischievous' Kowakian.


Weird. It's both ugly and beautiful at the same time. Ugly alien but beautiful piece of artwork.

And I agree with you entirely about the whole sapient/sentient thing. I prefer to use the word sapient but "sentient" has just been used so much in sci-fi that it's tge word most people use now.


Nice! I don't think I've ever seen anyone draw a sympathetic Kowakian monkey. Makes it seem very real.


I love it...  Very nice detail, I knew exactly what it was before I ever clicked on the image.  And he looks great!


He/it (depends if  "sapient" apply) looks great, you really gave him "something" in the eyes... a conscience maybe

Lord Cygnus

Cool Jim Henson's Creature Shop style look to your Kowakian Monkey-Lizard. Perhaps you might want to keep this nice little guy FAR away from the KUFL!!  


It was Jim Hensons technology for puppets, and his team that did the puppets.  He was just to busy to help out.


And it was Tim Rose ((Who also was Admiral Ackbar)) who did Salacious Crumb

Lord Cygnus

Of course Yoda was voiced by famous muppeteer, Frank Oz, was originally designed and built by Stuart Freeborn for LucasFilm and Industrial Light & Magic. and Jim Henson himself was merely consulted on Yoda’s puppet design. But was there Creature Workshop involvement? Well, there wasn't much formal involvement from The Jim Henson Company to begin with. Although many people who worked on the films did work (or have worked) on Henson projects and productions (including the obvious Frank Oz and his Yoda team). And as Xanamiar stated Tim Rose puppeteered Salacious Crumb, but he wasn't build by Henson and even if he was, he would technically qualify as a creature rather than a Muppet


According to the Muppet wiki, Henson's team was there to help Lucas because they were trading technologies.  Lucas letting Henson use his movie stuff, and Henson letting Lucas use his puppeteers.  Though Henson had nothing to do with anything in Star Wars, his company did.


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