Looters' Crash

This is the "town" of Looter's Crash on Tattooine, where the Stand & Deliver company was recently moved. You can even see the recently constructed "Howdy Burger" in the background. The IFSI (Imperial Food Safety Inquisitor) has ruled that, for reasons of public health, "Howdy Burger" cannot store, serve or prepare "food" within 300 meters of a public dwelling, water source, or childs play area.
Also you can see Stand & Deliver located just outside of town, as well. This way they can see potential customers approaching from a good way off and receive or ignore them on a case-to-case basis. Though it's hard to tell from this image, the building was loosely based on Planet Express.


I don't like the way those rontos are looking at me, man. Are you sure they're herbiviorous?


AH Judas I've missed you and your stuff around here! This makes my day! Lots of fun... and I can totally see the Planet Express influence.

Though if you want those ronto to be properly secure you really aught to run the electric around the length of the enclosure...!!


This is the totes, this is just, I don't even. DID HE JUST ACCIDENTALLY THE WHOLE THING??



Well, Tuss. I think that rontos, much like the majestic goat, can be trained to BELIEVE they cannot escape:P


...you and I must know some very different goats, dear Judas! I will nonetheless accept your argument, but politely maintain that those beasts are one short panic away from stampeding through Looter's Crash! Hahaha.


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