Main Characters Line Up

Hello there!!
Here is again our humble SW crew! :)

1st - Kemenseth
Farghull Jedi Knight «incognito» (Not on my drawing...thank you, lightsaber!)

2nd - Popolo,
She's our Big boobs, no brain but so sweet and nice twi'lek! Karel's assistant!

3rd - Karel
Bothan Captain and pilot of our ship, «The Jubilee» (Cuz of Karel's earings ^^;) She's da boss!

4th - Sahyed
He's our Farghull egocentric and opportunist mecano!

5th - Noami
Theelin bounty hunter, the muscles and blasters furnisher of our crew.

6th - Reese, My own character!
Human ( sigh! Such a boring choice! ^^;) Padawan «incognito» (Not on my drawing...thanks again, lightsaber!) She's Kemenseth's new padawan! Yay!

Ryavar Darek

I love your drawings, your characters look marvelous.
If you ever happen to have the need of taking a request, send me a personal message ;).


Thank you very much buddy! :)
If I ever take commissions, don't worry, I'll tell you. I am quite busy with my job theses days!

The only design I did really is my own character. You see, all the players of our rpg happens to be also artists. So they each designed there own character. This is them, but in my own style, i dont have that much credit! :)


I love your should consider posting the Mara Jade & Luke Skywalker, as well as the Thrawn image, the rules though. They may be too "main character" to post...

Lord Crumb

Absolutely FANTASTIC! I think your style is cool. It reminds me of the CLONE WARS cartoon.
Keep it up.

-LC :-)

Ryavar Darek

It has a touch of the CLONE WARS cartoon...though if CLONE WARS would have been made exactly in this style, it would have been much better imo.


I like the style, it could have been done by the creaters of the Star Wars Micro-Series (Clone Wars cartoons)! The characters are showing emotions that sum up their character, and their stances simply enhance that! Wonderful!


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