Our Star Wars RPG gang!

Here is the group of our humble Star Wars RPG campain! Its the first illustration I post here! :)

We play set during the Dark Times, 3 years after eps III to be precice!

Starting from the left:

Green Twi'lek girl, Popolo.
Typical Twi'lek: not to bainy, big breast. But she's kind and pure hearted!

Verpine guy: Krackmouel (dont ask)
an NPC...indifferent, disillusionned but competent mecano! We love him so much!

Theelin girl: Noami!
She is a badass bounty hunter with attitude and guns!

Bothan lady with pink shirt: Karel.
Head of a cargo transporsport compagny and ex bothawi fleat pilot. She is so unlucky (thanks to her dices) you could never belive it! Popolo is a member of her crew

Farghull guy with blue shirt: Sayhed
Sayhed is an opportunist and a swindler (And a mecano). You might thibk he wants to protect Karel on my drawing...but the truth is, he might just be using her as a human shield...hmm..bothan shield!

Farghull Jedi guy: Kemenseth
Kemenseth survived order 66 and is now hides his true identity by being a traveler and offer his help to people in need.

Padawan human teenager tomboy girl: Reese, played by me!
Padawan Reese survived order 66 as well with her master that was later killed by bounty hunters. She hides her jediness by being an homeless street kid.

Ouff! that was long to write!! :)


Welcome to the guild Kristele! Great Debut! I love your work, and I'm really glad to have you here. I can't wait to see more stuff from you.



I've been a regulor Swag visitor for a couple of months now! There are so much talented artists here and I am always curious about what other SW original characters and story people have been creating! This place is trully great! It motivates me into drawing more of our game art! :)


Welcome to SWAG! I personally really like your style. It's getting me excited to draw!


WOW! i love your style and i cant wait to see some more of your work on here, its realy inspired me.

Ke'jukadir sha'mando


I said it before and I will say it again, awesome work. I think you will fit in nicely here.


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