Non Player Characters Line Up

These characters are NCP from our Star Wars campain.
High Resolution link:

Here a link to the Main Player Characters line up if you're interrested:


1st and 2nd: Milem and Tusna, our captain Karel's Bothan lawyers (In Ace attorney poses...hehe, I am such an Ace Attorney fangirl) Yup...we have Bothan Lawyers... We don't have to go and fight our ennemies...WE SUE THEM!!!

3rd: Dr.Oro, a wierd MonCalamari doctor, obsessed with synthetical limbs...we were so scared for our characters when their lives were in his hands...

4th: Orto, an Ortolan, boss of a garage on Nar Shaada. Very kind, but typical ortolan: Easily fooled for food!

5th: Jim, Orto's assistant mecano. My character Reese was secretly in love with him!

6th: Crackmouel, verpine genius mecano. He was Sahyed's ex-coworker and roomate. Sahyed stole Crackmouel's curriculum vitae to get hired on Karel's ship...

7th: Wess, imperial officer that was at the wrong place at the wrong time. He was on an imperial shuttle on which we were prisonners...and then crashed! We took him with us because he knew too much! Poor Wess!

8th: AK-47, Popolo's hacker droid...a wierd R2-D2 / Dalek/ Fire Hydrant also has a makeup purse fonction....sigh!



Very "Atlantis: The lost empire". Which is an animation by Disney. Which just happens to be one of my favorite movies.

Which means that this artwork rocks.

"Cut to the cheese already!"


That was the droids owner's player that had that idea, and yes I agree, it was a great idea! I always have to control myself not tu just start laughing in front of every fire hydrant I cross on the street now! hehe

Evan Black

Another opportunity to say I love your art! And it seems like characters from your game would be fun to have in any setting!


Thank you very much! I am glad you enjoy my drawing style! :)
And thankd for your comment on the characters themself! They trully are sweet! But that's because our DM and fellow players have so much imagination! We laugh constantly!

Ryavar Darek

Seeing these ingenious NPC I can only reconfirm myself:
"It has a touch of the CLONE WARS cartoon...though if CLONE WARS would have been made exactly in this style, it would have been much better imo."
Plus I think if they made the Clone Wars Movie a cartoon movie exactly in this style, it would have been better by far.


Come on, now I am blushing in front of my computer screen buddy! hahaha! Thank you so much for your nice comment!

But between you and me, I dont think any perticular style, no matter how awesome i would've been could've save that wanabe Star Wars movie! ^^; (I am one of those persos who had bleeding eyes and ears at the end of that movie!)
The 2D animation Clone Wars television serie was GREAT though!!!


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