New Republic Starfighter Command

A friend of mine told me that the Rebel Legion once did a run of patches for what they referred to as Starfighter Command. After someone complained about the design, the Rebel Legion dropped the design. My friend sent me a link to a discussion thread on the subject and I found a picture of the patch sewn on a leather flight jacket. I liked the design so much, that I decided to re-create it with some differences. Now instead of saying Rebel Legion Starfighter Command in English, it now reads New Republic Starfighter Command in Aurabesh. I also redid the center insignia and the representation of the "spiral" type galaxy found at the bottom. I have attached a link to the thread that explains the controversy over the original patch and the picture that I worked from.…

I don't know who designed the original patch. If anyone out there does know who the designer was, please let me know so that I could give either him or her the proper credit that they deserve.


.... I dunno, I think I just really like it when you work in blues and greys!! I think this design is quite elegant.


That person would be me. lol I was one of two people behind the original Rebel Legion Starfighter Command Patch. I gave the ideas to the other one and he did the actual artwork.

I still have a bunch of those patches too lol a shame the legion dropped the design.