Seyyerin Itoklo, Jedi Knight

Etti Jedi Knight Seyyerin Itoklo, fought during the Yuuzhan Vong invasion but was turned over to the invaders and killed. Based on an illustration found in the Star Wars Insider, and my previous "Last Stand" submission.


Indeed. Awesome work.

A mix of Luke and Han in the old days. The pose is simple and effective... a laconic statement, like: "Yeah, I got a lightsaber. So?"

Ever since your artwork of his last stand, I was hoping to see a single pose picture. Just one question, though. Are Etti blue? Never seen one illustrated in color before... so I'd like to know, for future reference.

And it needs a freeze frame from "Aliens". Naw, just kiddin'. :)

I. J. Thompson

Really love the clean style of this one... reminds me of the WEG days. Bravo! :)


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