Space Station

I've never been too great at technology, but I decided I wanted to create a cool hi-tech location. What better to do than a space station?

Inspired by Edvin Biukovic's work, my 3900 meter space station houses thousands of people. From mechanics, smugglers, and tourists - this space station has got 'em all. Not only does the station serve as a pit-stop among the stars, but it also has many casino levels and hotel suites. Been away from main-stream society? Catch up on your shopping and entertainment needs! During any time, the space station can service up to six capital ships, more than a dozen space transports, and nearly four dozen starfighters.

You may have noticed the Bothan Assault Cruiser, placing this space station in the New Jedi Order era. However, it is reasonable to say the station may have been functional during the days of the Old Republic.

Medium: Pen, PhotoShop


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