A voxyn hunting its prey: the Jedi.

Voxyn are the Yuuzhan Vong bi-product of a vornskr and the Yuuzhan Vong's deadly fero xyn. Since vornskrs are able to sense Force-users, this shaped creature is perfect for hunting down the Jedi.

Voxyn 4 meters long, natural killing beasts. They possess dangerous whip tails, and the barbed tip contains poison. They can belch acid up to 6 meters away, and their claws teem with bacteria. When injured, the toxic blood of a voxyn creates nasty fumes. They utter a compressed-wave (sonic) screech of sufficient power to shatter eardrums. Its fast healing ability allows it to recover quickly, and its extra vitality ensures that it stays at peak efficiency for a long time.

However, voxyn cannot survive longer than 3 months without a nutrient compound found only on the planet Myrkr. Voxyn can not produce, and their are a limited number of cloned voxyn at the Yuuzhan Vong's disposal.

Read 'New Jedi Order: Star by Star' for more info on these deadly Jedi hunters.

I'm on an NJO illustration trip - this was mainly just an 'artist proof' of what my version of the voxyn look like. I merged descriptions from 'SBS' with the published voxyn image found in 'The New Jedi Order Sourcebook' and images of the vornskrs from Dark Horse Comics.

Medium: Ink, Colored Markers, Digital editing


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