Tan-Par Korrot, Cerean Gambler

Tan-Par Korrot is an arms dealer in the employ of the Hutts. Whether getting you the goods safe and on time, or doubling his earnings at the sabacc table, he always performs with a smile.

"If you want to find him, you need only check the cantinas for a devilish grin pasted on a Cerean man surrounded by young women and an ominous Wookiee bodyguard hovering in the darkness. The question, however, is why do you want to find him?"

A private request for, you guessed it, Tan-Par.


Awesome drawing, Even Black!

On the 7th of October I placed a request describing a character strikingly similar to this one. Please also refer to http://swagonline.net/node/3151. Is Tan-Par i.e. your drawing based on this description? Can I use the picture in a forum-based / an online play-by-post game? If yes, can I have the thumbnail as an avatar on http://dagarthorn.proboards91.com/?

As I mentioned, this character is almost identical to the one I posted a request for (Cerean gambler named "Brains"). This request is still open, however...

Once again: excellent job!

Evan Black

It is very similar, Mogul76! And keep in mind that SWAG is designed as a resource for gamers to come and find artwork for their games. We put these up for you guys!

That said, no this is not based on your description (note the grizzled Wookiee instead of a grizzled old Human), but on one Tan-Par e-mailed me privately. He gave me permission to post the work on SWAG, implying that it was for all to use.

So have at it! Enjoy your PbP!


Definately feel free to use it for your char, they are quite similar. Thanks again for the amazing artwork, Evan.. you do fantastic work.


Oh... now I undertand :-) I posted my answer in my original request http://swagonline.net/node/3151. I didn't want to accuse anybody of anything, but I’ve to admit: I was a bit surprised. So I guess I owe both of you an apology. Thank you for this awesome piece of work, Even Black :P



Gotta love the Wookie strong-arm in the background, wielding a bowcaster. The placement farther back, in the dimmer lighting, he looks intimidating, especially with that piece of armor suit he's wearing (or she? the outfit kinda lends to both possibilities) - almost looks like a storm trooper breast plate at first glances, naturally several sizes too small on the Wookie's larger body. Until you take a much closer look at it. Nice touch with the arm and shin guards, completing the detail.

Evan Black

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