Xim's War Droid - new design

I've had another go at Xim's War Droids.

I feel that this new design is more Ralph McQuarrie, therefore more Star Wars-y, and conveys their personality better.


I love this design... it is so pimp, I cried... Thank you for making the War Droid I had always dreamed about...


Lord Crumb

The face has that pre-HK look to it and the detail is just amazing. Certainly not a droid to piss off and hope it is on your side during battle.

-LC :-)


Is this artwork a representation of a war droid from "Han Solo and the Lost Legacy"?

If this is so, then where is the mirrored armor as described in the novel?

Also if this is so, where is the turreted cannon, mounted into the head, as described in the novel?

I understand you used some influences from Ralph McQuarrie but Ralph McQuarrie did not invent the war droid, Brian Daley did in 1980 in "Han Solo and the Lost Legacy". I am curious as to why you didn't use the original descriptions from the novel to influence this project more so than Mr. Mcquarrie's conceptual artwork?


Well, I tried to recreate a McQuarrie look as his designs, to me, define the look of Star Wars.

The first time the war-droids are described in the book(near the end of chapter V, pg 47 in my edition) they are said to be armoured with a 'coarse, heavy grey alloy'. It isn't until later that the 'mirror finish' armour is described. I just prefer the grey appearance rather than a shiny chrome one.

As for them having a cannon on their heads, this seems to be a matter of interpretation.

Throughout the book the phrase 'cranial turret' is used, but usually in the context of the droids eyes looking at people. There is even a paragraph that describes Han aiming for where the 'cranial turret' joins the body and then detaching the entire head with a laser blast.


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