New character request from Trisskar:

On Dromund Kaas......

......a small figure watched as a young and beautiful female carefully picked her selections of groceries from a local market. Apprentice Zasha had made these shopping runs a habit over her past seven years of apprenticeship. It was her only time away from training and a chance to get a breath of fresh air. A chance to be....normal.

The figure that watched in the shadows wore a traditional Sith robe, with its hood raised to cover its features. As young Zasha walked by the figure spoke. It was a female "So... You're the one..."

Zasha, who was juggling one too many bags for her own comfort, attempted to balance her groceries as she turned to look for the one who spoke. "Excuse me?" she questioned.

The Sith removed her hood, revealing orange hair done in dreadlocks. She looked still in her early teens. "You're a Sith apprentice aren't you?"

Zasha grunted a bit as she shifted her groceries to a more easy-to-carry grip. "Who's asking?" she inquired curiously.

"Eldon Ax," She grinned, "Apprentice to Darth Chratis."

Raising a brow Zasha studied the girl for a second before responding with a less-than-formal response, using only her name and not her rank and affiliation with her own Master. "Zasha....and I'm over-due returning home." she mentioned as she moved, shuffled her bags, and turned her sights to the road.

"Just letting you know," Eldon Ax sneered, "Some of us had to work all our lives to get to where we're at.... Unlike you."

Zasha sighed as she shifted her bags again. "I don't know what you're talking about.” she stated, offhandedly. She was no stranger to the ire most of the Academy students held against her. Zasha never really understood it, and her Master never made mention. “I'm an Apprentice same as you are...I really don't get what the deal is."

"You never went to the academy," Eldon Ax pointed out "That makes you weak."

Zasha's crimson-struck, Autumn eyes narrowed at the insult "Excuse me?"

"You heard me." Eldon Ax stated, matter-of-factly, as she walked closer. "You're not a Sith, not really.” She then grinned viciously as her voice took on an accusing tone “You probably got the position by sleeping with your master.."

Zasha would have punched the girl out cold if only her hands weren't full with groceries. Instead she did the only thing she could do, leaning forward with an angry growl "Who are you to speak of my training like this?"

"Someone who has fourteen years of training under her belt," Eldon Ax smiled, pleased to see she had hit a soft spot. "How many do you have? ....Seven?" She scoffed, "Pitiful."

"You're a fool to underestimate me and my training, girl." Zasha snarled.

"And you're a fool to think that you can take a shortcut to Sith master." Ax replied, her voice rising and drawing the attention of some nearby pedestrians "You mock the Empire and our very way of life!"

Zasha snarled, her hand squeezing her bags in irritation as she reluctantly turned away. Still, she doubted her Master would appreciate her being late due to being drawn by playground taunts. "You're wasting my time."

Eldon Ax's voice rose a bit more as she shouted at Zasha's back, "Backs away from a fight too... You coward!"

It was at this point that Zasha had had enough. Her back was stiff as she fought to contain and focus her anger. Carefully, she placed her bags on the pavement before spinning around to face her adversary. The crimson in her eyes were ablaze with battle. "Then stop talking, girl, and get on with it." she snarled.

Eldon Ax detached her own blade from her belt and ignited it, licking her lips in anticipation of the fight she had started. "Now that's more like it!"

The nearby pedestrians gasped as the crimson blades snapped to life. Those in the surrounding area scrambling back to form a circle around the fighting females. As was usual whenever a fight occurred, shouts and cheers arose quickly as they egged the duel on.

Zasha wasn't stupid however, she wouldn't attack first. The girl would have to follow through on her own challenge.

Eldon Ax came at her in a storm of blows. Her feet moving lightly across the floor, her blade spinning like propeller.

Zasha responded in kind, her own moves a subtle yet deadly dance as she parried and attacked. Lashing out at every opening. She wouldn't kill the girl, but she would teach her for underestimating her and her Master's training

Their sabers locked, "Not Bad." Ax sneered.

"Shut up and fight" Zasha hissed as she pushed off and, with a shift of her stance, lashed out with a booted heel, hoping to send her into a nearby stall.

Ax raised her hand to block, but was only partly sucessful. The kick hit her face knocking her head back.

Zasha didn't wait to see if her attack worked, merely pressed forward, ready to continue the fight.

"Oh My," a voice came from the sidelines, "what do we have here?"

Zasha froze at the voice, but her guard did not go down as she seethed at the girl sprawled across the ground. "This is none of your business Mi... M'lord." she corrected, remembering the crowd and manners. Her crimson-struck gaze turning only slightly to glare at the inquisitor, then growing wide when she noticed her Master with him. "Master!" She exclaimed, her saber vanishing as she blushed and bowed at the waist, cursing herself as her Master folded his arms and sighed.


I've said it before, and I'll say it again- the detail in this is mind blowing!! The expression and pose of the girl give a great sense of her character, too, and the colours are just plain exquisite. :D


Hee hee! Cheers, guys!
I'm real glad it worked out!!

Eben I'm curious - does 'bic ori mesh'la vod'ika' mean "very beautiful, little sister/brother"?


Mercy, the detail on this one in mindblowing! The fabric patterns and quilting on the boots are incredible.

Lord Crumb

Excellent attention to the details on the face, tatoos, and clothing is just wonderful. It is another fabulous piece of art. Keep on drawing.

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